Easter in the Sandhills

Easter in the Sandhills

I meal planned for last week before I remembered it was Easter and I was also going to a cow/calf symposium. I spent Tuesday & Wednesday in Columbus, NE at the symposium. I learned a lot which is good as Nick wants to ranch. Friday we drove around in the sandhills of Nebraska. It’s so pretty there. My grandparents had a small farm North of Comstock that I used to spend summers at. We drove to their grave for a visit and past the old farm. We stopped at my cousin Jennifer’s ranch near Brewster. It was great to see her family for a bit. We spent Saturday driving around the Platte basin and visiting my Grandma Merrier, Dad, and Aunt Pam. What fun! Sunday we spent Easter with my siblings! It was great time with lots of unhealthy eats.


On to the food!!

BLT Vegetable Soup from April/May 2016 Paleo Mag


Overall: Good. All the tomato upset my stomach. If I make this recipe again, I’ll cut the canned tomatoes in half.

Price: Good. Not much to it. The sugar free bacon was the most expensive ingredient.

Zucchini Pasta with Salmon and Cashew Sauce from April/May 2016 Paleo Mag


Overall: Eh. I’m not a huge fish fan. That said, this recipe was good. My zucchini went limp due to my poor holiday planning, so I improvised with broccoli. I also added paprika for a bit more flavor

Price: Good. Very few ingredients, so that was nice.

On the menu for next week:

3rd round of the 21-Day Superhero Challenge starts next week! Excited! Recipes are from Em’s meal plan

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and Chicken Stew from 5 Ingredient Paleo

Asian Ground Beef Broccoli Slaw from Stir It Up

Carrot Cake Pancakes by Eat The Cookie. So excited for this recipe!


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