Chili and Chicken Fingers

Chili and Chicken Fingers

Last week was rather uneventful. It dragged on and on but really nothing happened.

Bacon Chili PaleOMG!

Overall: I love this chili. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t plan well and was out of ONION! WTF! Sad! It was still good but not up to it’s normal amazingness.

Cost: Good. I typically leave out the bacon. It’s good with the bacon, but the seasoning and smoked paprika are really what seal the deal for me.

Almond Chicken Fingers  with  homemade ranch  on a salad

Overall: Eh. I don’t plan on making this again. The chicken fingers were dry and the almond breading was dry. The ranch was ok. I think it could be better with buttermilk instead of coconut milk.

Cost: Reasonable

On the menu for next week

Tuna casserole by The Domestic Man

Turnip and Potato Soup  by The Domestic Man


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