Beating My Sugar Addiction

Beating My Sugar Addiction

Sugar (which includes all non-fruit sugars) should be limited to 6-9 tsp a day. That’s roughly 24-36 grams.

I like so many of you was addicted to sugar. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. I couldn’t help myself.  I needed sugar. I had a problem.  I was an addict.

When you eat sugar, your body produces insulin.  Insulin is a fat storage hormone. The more sugar you consume, the more fat you’ll store. When your body is finished processing all that sugar, it craves more. And the cycle continues and continues.

Finally, I was #fedup. I admitted to myself I had a problem.  I admitted to a friend that I had a problem. I was ready for a change….but I didn’t know where or how to start.

Enter Emily Schromm – Unleashed Fitness and her fabulous 21-day Superhero program. The basis of the program is to cut sugar and foods that your body will turn into sugar (grains, alcohol, etc). Was it easy? Hell no!  Did I want to quit? Absolutely.  Did I quit? No! I held strong and went 21 days with no sugar in the fall of last year.

Enter the holidays. I could feel myself spinning out of control again.  I recognized the symptoms. I knew I had to change again before it got it of hand.

I just finished my 2nd 21-day challenge.  I didn’t have a perfect 21 days.  I had sugar.  I celebrated with family and friends.  Do you know what the difference is? I can control the sugar consumption now.  I am strong. I am my own #superhero



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